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Understanding the different challenges faced by a frontend developer is part of the Web Development specialization. Especially if the chosen path is that of a full-stack developer.

This project is split into 3 parts:

  • Research: this one, where you will get familiar with these 3 personas, UX problems, and starting…

Being a Full-Stack Software Engineer

I know many people who believe that Google is responsible for showing you a website, they just put in where they want to go and follow the clicks it shows on the screen.

But the real magic is in the web infrastructure. …

The Internet of Things is advancing by leaps and bounds and is already among us. What to expect?

Recursion concepts

What is recursion?

According to Wikipedia recursion occurs when something is defined in terms of itself or of its type.
Precisely for computer science we can say that it is a function that calls itself. …

Python3: Mutable, Immutable… everything is object!

Today we will talk about Python, about why everyone is an object.

It follows the principle of “First-Class Everything”. This concept centers around the idea of having every single item of data in python belonging to a class as an object with attributes and methods.

id and type

Each object has an id…


At the time of programming we find a series of features that we have the need to repeat constantly. Programming in C these features can be grouped into dynamic or static libraries, which we can access to avoid duplicate code, increasing the quality and development time, although they share…

Survivor’s logbook — by Roberto Ribeiro and Luciana Sarachu

Back home
What an intense journey! We are four crew members in the ship, two teams with the sole mission of discovering how the linux command interpreter works inside. My team is Luciana Sarachu and me. An excellent mix of “nerdism” at different levels of experience. Many things have happened, a…

¿What are they?

When we started programming in C our first tasks were to code a program that uses functions from the standard library “#include <stdio.h>”. But, what is this .h …

A little bit about links in Linux environment

Hard and symbolic link example


Today we will try to explain the difference about hard links and symbolic links in the Linux environment. If you come from Windows we will explain how they differ from shortcuts.

A bit of theory

To begin with, we must know that in Linux each file…

The compilation process in C language.

What happens when you type “gcc main.c”? | LaptrinhX

What is “gcc”?

First I will explain what gcc is and why we use it.

The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a compiler system produced by the GNU Project supporting various programming languages. …

Roberto Ribeiro

Full Stack Software Developer

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